Authors of audiovisual works

EAÜ, in cooperation with Eesti Audiovisuaalautorite Liit (EAAL), exercises the economic rights of the following audiovisual authors, who have signed a membership or a client contract with EAAL:

  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Artist

Authors of audiovisual works have the right to receive equitable royalties in case of:

  • Reproduction of works
  • Distribution of works (rental of the work, VOD service)
  • Transmission and retransmission of works via radio, television, cable network, satellite and other technical means
  • Making works available to the public, incl. through the Internet
  • Using works for personal purposes

To join EAAL, fill out the application in EAAL's homepage here.

EAAL's contact in EAÜ:

Märt Trumantel. 6 684 372