Music publisher

Publishing music - it's a cooperation based on trust between the author and the publisher, aimed at achieving economic benefits for both parties. When signing a publishing contract, the author and the publisher must reach an agreement, in particular, on the material terms of the contract, such as:

  • which work or works are the objects of the contract
  • the duration and territory of the contract
  • the assignment of economic rights and restrictions arising from the contract signed or to be signed by the author with EAÜ or any other collective management organization
  • the assignment of the right to transfer economic rights
  • the distribution of royalties between the author and the publisher
  • the parties' liability in case of non-performance of the terms of the contract.


Since, according to the publishing contract, the author assigns a part of his/her economic rights to the publisher, it is the publisher's responsibility to distribute and popularize the author's work, allowing the public to use it in various ways. This can be done, for example, when the publisher:

  • publishes the work on a sound carrier or produces a video, that will be sold and distributed
  • distributes sheet music of the work by selling or renting them 
  • looks for ways to publicly perform the work
  • looks for ways to distribute the works on radio, television and online media.


EAÜ assists the music publisher in exercising the economic rights transferred to him, in particular with the following categories of economic rights:

  • pubic performance of the works either live or by technical means (concerts, festivals, dancenights, background music in catering and trade organizations)
  • transmission and retransmission of the works through radio, television, cable network, satellite and other technical means
  • making works available to the public in such a way that people can use the works at any place and time they individually choose, including via the Internet (any on-line use, etc.)
  • reproducing aka recording works on a CD, computer's hard drive, film, videocassette, DVD, CD-ROM etc.


Joining EAÜ allows the publisher to focus on promoting and distributing the works in their catalog.