Distribution and payment of royalties

In the distribution of royalties, EAÜ shall, in accordance with the contracts concluded with  users, base on the reports submitted by them, in which data about the number and duration of their performances shall be marked.

  • EAÜ imports the received reports into its royalties distribution system and finds matches of the used works from the works registered in the database.
  • When distributing the royalties, the system takes into account the number of times the work was played and the duration of each work (or, if it's not known, the duration of the registered work marked in the EAÜ Database and, if that's not available either, duration of 180 seconds shall be applied in the process of distribution).
  • Within each work, the result shall be distributed between authors according to the percentages determined during registration (automatic key or agreed distribution).
  • A music publisher has the right to participate in the distribution of royalties if there is a publishing contract (governing the use of the work) concluded between the rightholder (the author or successor) and the publisher, in which the publisher's right to receive a corresponding share of the royalties accumulated to EAÜ has been fixed. Said contract and/or a signed copy of its annex(s) must be forwarded to EAÜ.


  • If the work hasn't been registered or the publishing contract hasn't been forwarded to EAÜ by the time of the distribution, then it shall remain unknown or if the authors have been identified by a specialist at EAÜ, then automatic distribution key will be applied to it. EAÜ does not perform redistribution of such works' royalties retroactively. Therefore, timely and correct registration of works is crucial.
  • Detailed information about the use of the works and payment of royalties is available to the member on his/her account in the EAÜ interface. A member of the EAÜ can also ask for information on the use and payment of his works from the EAÜ office.
  • A member of EAÜ can familiarize with the recording and online use of his/her works and detailed reports on the corresponding distribution of royalties on the NCB website https://www.ncb.dk/NCBLogin/login.jsp?appl=AFR.

  • EAÜ withholds income tax on the royalties received from Estonia, except in the cases of corporate bodies and self-employed persons registrated as authors. EAÜ does not withhold income tax  when paying royalties received from abroad. Royalties received from abroad must be declared by the member of EAÜ themselves in the Tax Board and, if necessary, he/she shall also pay income tax on the income received.
  • EAÜ pays royalties to the authors starting from € 50 net monthly and € 30 net quarterly.