Joining for authors of musical works

To join EAÜ, we kindly ask authors and their successors to familiarize with general conditions of membership agreement beforehand.

You will then need to fill out the application and the membership contract form and either submit them as digitally signed forms to the e-mail address or bring the hand-signed forms to the EAÜ office (Lille 13, 10614 Tallinn).

Author's application

Successor's application

Standard form of the membership contract- author

Standard form of the membership contract- successor

  • If a person who is under the age of 15 wishes to join EAÜ, then we also ask for the written consent of the applicant's legal representative (e.g. mother or father).
  • In addition to the signed application, authors' successors must submit a copy of the certificate of inheritance issued by a notary to EAÜ.

Application forms as well as membership contract forms can be requested from the EAÜ office at tel: +372 668 4360 or