Registration of musical works

Correct registration of musical works as soon as possible is necessary to ensure that we could distribute the collected royalties correctly among the authors and pay the royalties collected. Therefore, EAÜ members must register all their created and published works in the EAÜ user interface (the initiator of the registration must be the author of the work and/or the author of the lyrics) or on the corresponding work registration cards (in the EAÜ office only).

  • The registered original work must contain accurate information about the work and all its participants incl. non-members (authors of music and lyrics, arranger, author of translation or new lyrics) and the distribution amongst themselves (percentages' distribution in a musical work).
  • The registration of the work must be approved by all original authors of the work (authors of music and lyrics).
  • In order to register translations (including new lyrics) and arrangements of copyrighted music, the written consent of the author(s) of the original work must also be submitted to EAÜ (how to  get a translation or  an arrangement license).
  • If a work is contracted with a music publisher, the publisher usually has the obligation to register the work.
  • EAÜ can only distribute the royalties of a work correctly if it is registered on time. So it is reasonable to register the work as soon as it is completed.