Live performance reports

EAÜ distributes royalties to authors and music publishers based on how much and where their works have been used. It is therefore important to inform EAÜ about the works used, too.

Artists can submit the repertoire report(s) of the works used in their live performances through the form at

Kontsert (tasuline)
Kontsert (tasuta)
Kontsert (sh. online) tasuline, tasuta
Festival (tasuline, tasuta)
Segaüritus (tasuline)
Segaüritus (tasuta)
Laev kuni 2000 reisijakohta
Laev üle 2000 reisijakoha

In the case of improvisations, it is not possible to include titles of already existing works in the repertoire report, but it is possible to provide data on  the artists who improvised on site during a concert or other event. It is known that copyright in a work is created with the creation of the work and therefore improvisations must be considered as works and authors of improvisations as authors within the meaning of the Copyright Act. And if the performer of the improvisation is one of the authors represented by EAÜ, EAÜ is obliged to collect royalties for him or her.