Licenses and tariffs for online use and recording

EAÜ licenses for use of works on CD, computer hard drive, film, video cassette, DVD, CD-ROM, etc.

  • The author has the exclusive right to authorize the reproduction (i.e. making copies) of his or her works. Copies of musical works are made by recording the work on a sound or data carrier.
  • In case a user wants to record music in order to use it in a commercial or to modify a work (e.g. make an arrangement or create Estonian lyrics), it is necessary to obtain a licence directly from the right holders of the musical works. However, in that case, EAÜ will provide assistance with relevant contacts.
  • In order to record a musical work from an already existing sound carrier it is also necessary to obtain a licence from the producer of the original sound carrier and from the performers of the musical work.
  • Unauthorized recordings (e.g. from the radio) may only be made for personal use (scientific research, teaching, etc.).

EAÜ's authorization is not needed:

  • For recording a musical work, all authors (composer, lyricist, arranger) of which  have died more than 70 years ago;
  • For recording works of right holders who are not members of EAÜ or other colletive management organizations and whose permission must be asked directly.

It is important to always check with EAÜ  whether using a work is free or if right holders are represented by EAÜ before recording a sound or video carrier.

Applications and terms of a recording license


EAÜ also gives licenses to and signs contracts with users who provide online services  by communicating musical works to the public in the following ways:

  • downloading of musical works
  • streaming of musical works
  • online use of musical works in AV works (e.g. digital video on demand).

Please consult the department of recording and online use for more information about the terms and tariffs.


EAÜ contacts

Marek Tihhonov,  +372 668 4375