Applications and terms of a recording license

Applications for a recording license

  • Contact the EAÜ recording and online use department before making a sound carrier and request a recording license application form or use the corresponding electronic form on this page.
  • Fill out the form and return it to EAÜ.
  • Upon receiving the application, EAÜ will issue an invoice.
  • The paid invoice constitutes as the recording license.

Application for using musical works on a CD or other sound carrier

The recording license shall give the audio or video producer (producer of a phonogram or an audiovisual work) the right to record the musical works represented by EAÜ and to produce sound or video carriers in the amount specified in the application for a recording license.

A recording license does not give the right to use modifications (Estonian translation, new lyrics to an already existing music piece, arrangement) of the musical work(s) on the sound or video carrier. This requires separate authorization from the author or rights holder of the work.

If EAÜ by the time the application is received does not have information (registration or written consent of the authors or publishers of the original work, which is forwarded together with the application) that the modification of  a work has been approved, then EAÜ's license shall cover only the use of economic rights of the original work's authors and/or publishers. The sole responsibility for the use of unlicensed modifications lies with the producer of the sound or video carrier.

Terms and rates