Licenses and tariffs for public performance

Licenses for use of copyrighted music works in concerts, festivals, dance evenings, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, etc.

EAÜ represents more than 3 million authors worldwide. In addition to representing its members (EAÜ members), EAÜ has the right to represent authors and publishers from other countries based on mutual agreements between foreign countries' collective management organizations (sister societies).

With the help of EAÜ, You can sign necessary contracts (deriving from the Copyright Act):

By signing a contract with EAÜ, users are allowed to perform all works by the authors represented by EAÜ. EAÜ acts as an intermediary between authors and users of works. It is a simple and convenient method.

You can read about how  EAÜ changes its tariffs (for public performance of musical works) and sets new tariffs here.

EAÜ contacts

Tõnu Kaumann +372 668 4363 - trade, service, catering  and accommodation establishments in Tallinn, sports facilities and sports events in Tallinn. Concerts, nightclubs, casinos and other events in Tallinn.

Marika Plooman +372 668 4386- concerts and other events outside of Tallinn. Events organized by community centers and local governments.

Mart Jööts +372 668 4379 - catering or accommodation establishments, trade and service companies, nightclubs, casinos, sports facilities and sports events outside of Tallinn.

According to the Value-Added Tax Act, VAT (calculated from EAÜ commission) will be added to tariffs.