Catering or accommodation establishments

  • The license fee of a catering establishment depends on whether the musical works are performed live or by technical means, as well as how many seats there are in the establishment and whether there's an option of dancing.
  • The license fee of a hotel or other accommodation establishment:
    • license fees for music in public areas (lobby, hallway) depend on the size of the accommodation establishment, i.e. the number of rooms;
    • if the accommodation establishment offers the possibility to listen to music in the rooms (by radio and TV programs or other technical means), then the license fee for the music provided in the rooms shall be calculated according to the number of technical devices installed in the rooms;
    • the license fee for music played in catering companies inside the accommodation establishment depends on the amount of bars, restaurants or other catering companies inside the accommodation establishment, the license fees for catering establishments shall be applied to them.
  • The applicable fee rates are approved by the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

License fee rates

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Contact the EAÜ Public Performance Licensing Department.


EAÜ contacts

Tõnu Kaumann , +372 668 4363 (establishments in Tallinn)

Mart Jööts,  +372 668 4379 (establishments outside of Tallinn)