Tariffs for catering or accommodation establishments

License fee rates for a catering establishment (restaurants, bars, cafes etc.)

A. LIVE MUSIC AND KARAOKE, i.e. music sung, played or otherwise performed directly or with the aid of a technical device (e.g. a phonogram).
The license fee rate is € 15 per day.
The amount of the license fee for live music and karaoke does not depend on the number of seats for customers or whether the live music is danced to or just played as a background.

When performing a variety or revue program, the license fee is € 16.50 per day, regardless of whether the variety or revue program's music was live or mechanical.

C. MECHANICAL MUSIC, i.e. music that is not performed by the artist(s) at the location of the contracted business but is transmitted exclusively through technical means.


Amount of the license fee

Number of visitors
Mechanical background music
Dance evenings 1-2 a week
Dance evenings 3-4 a week
Dance evenings  5-7 a week
   € 16 /month
€ 19 /month
€ 24 /month
€ 35 /month
   € 21 /month
€ 21 /month
€ 29 /month
€ 45 /month
  € 37 /month
€ 29 /month
€ 40 /month
€ 64 /month
 € 48 /month
€ 37 /month
€ 51 /month
€ 80 /month
 € 71 /month
€ 45 /month
€ 61 /month
€ 98 /month
 € 93 /month
€ 53 /month
€ 72 /month
€ 120 /month
 € 111 /month
€ 61 /month
€ 83 /month
€ 136 /month
for each additional 100
+ 18 €  /month
+  8 €/month
+ 11 € /month
+ 16 € /month
over 1000
€ 240 /month
€ 117 /month
€ 157 /month
€ 247 /month

Licensee shall pay a license fee for the performance of mechanical music as follows:
* for mechanical background music according to the number of seats for visitors;
* if, in addition to mechanical background music, the opportunity of dancing to mechanical music is provided, the Licensee shall pay, in addition to the mechanical background music, a license fee for dancing, depending on the frequency of the dance evenings and the number of visitors. If the dance parties are held less than once a week, the license fee is 13 € per day.

The amount of the license fee for mechanical music does not depend on  by what technical means or processes (radio, television, disc-, cassette-, CD player, etc.) the music is played.If, in addition to mechanical music, live music or a variety or revue program is played at the location of the contracted establishment, the Licensee shall pay, in addition to the license fee set forth in section C, the license fee in the amount specified in sections A or B.

License fee rates for an accommodation establishment (hotel, guest house etc.)

Hotels and other accommodation facilities are divided into two areas when paying the license fee for the right to use music: accommodation establishments, that are located in Harju County, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Haapsalu, belong in Area I; Area II consists of accommodation establishments that are not located in Area I.

For music performed inside the rooms - depending on the amount of rooms, where the opportunity to listen to music by some technical device (radio, TV etc.) or process is offered: 

Amount of rooms                                      Area I                                                     Area II                                                             
1-150                                                  1,00 € per room per month                   0,80 € per room per month
151-200                                              179 € /month                                            143 € /month

for each additional  50                   +27 € /month                                          +22 € /month

For music performed in  public rooms of the hotel or other accommodation establishment (lobby, hallway)- depending on the size of the hotel and the amount of rooms:

Amount of rooms Area I Area II
1-50 14 € /month 11 € /month
51-100 21 € /month 17 € /month
101-200 33 € /month 26 € /month
201 or more 44 €/ month 35 € /month


These license fee rates do not include the amount of VAT added by EAÜ under the Value-Added Tax Act, which is calculated from the EAÜ commission and is shown as a separate line on the invoice provided by EAÜ.

These license fee rates are valid from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021.