Dance schools

Tariffs for using music in dance classes

Number of hours per month The amount of license fee per month
1-15 7 €
16-30 10 €
31-60 20 €
61-90 26 €
for every following 30 hours 7 €

These license fee rates do not include the amount of VAT added by EAÜ under the Value-Added Tax Act, which is calculated from the EAÜ commission and is shown as a separate line on the invoice provided by EAÜ.

Standard form of the contract

For signing a contract

Contact the EAÜ Public Performance Licensing Department.


EAÜ contacts

Siim Jõgioja +372 668 4383 (dance schools in Tallinn)

Marika Plooman +372 668 4386 (dance schools outside of Tallinn)