Concerts and other music-related events

  • The license fee rate for a live performance of a musical work at a concert (or other music-related event) depends on the genre of music being performed, ie. whether it's a symphony concert or a rock concert.
  • The amount of the license fee is calculated based on the income from ticket sales or, in case of free events, how many people attended the event.
  • EAÜ has coordinated the concert fee rates with major concert organizers. 

Licence fee rates

Standard form of the contract

Mixed event- with tickets

Mixed event- without tickets

Don't forget to submit a financial statement after the concert or event.

Repertoire reports can be submitted at


For signing a contract

Contact the EAÜ Public Performance Licensing Department.


EAÜ contacts

Siim Jõgioja , +372 668 4383 (concerts and events in Tallinn)

Marika Plooman , +372 668 4386 (concerts and events outside of Tallinn)