Licenses for audiovisual works

EAÜ, in cooperation with Eesti Audiovisuaalautorite Liit (EAAL), exercises the economic rights of the following audiovisual authors, who have signed a membership or a client contract with EAAL:

  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Artist

EAÜ also represents audiovisual authors who belong to sister societies on the basis of mutual representation agreements  (Societies that represent authors of audiovisual works).

Authors of audiovisual works have the right to receive equitable remuneration in case of:

  • Reproduction of works
  • Distribution of works (renting the work, VOD service)
  • Transmission and retransmission of works by radio, television, cable network, satellite and other technical means
  • Making works available to the public, incl. through the Internet
  • Using works for personal purposes

According to the authorization issued by EAAL, EAÜ has the right to negotiate and conclude contracts with the users of the works.


EAAL's contact in EAÜ:

Märt Trumantel. 6 684 372