EAÜ Privacy Policy

EAÜ is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and website users. Based on that, we have developed these Privacy Policy principles, which contain information about collecting and processing personal data as well as the use of cookies on the EAÜ website. Personal data is data collected by EAÜ in order to carry out a contract signed with an individual or contact him/her. 

By accessing the EAÜ website or by filling out the membership application, you have read and accepted these principles. EAÜ reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy principles if necessary.

Collection and use of personal data

By entering your personal data through the relevant applications on the website, as well as forwarding your personal data to EAÜ when signing a membership or a client contract, or by e-mail it to the EAÜ domain, the natural person gives consent to EAÜ to process its personal data, including its collection and use in accordance with the Privacy Policy principles.

The website contains applications (such as membership applications, reports on used works, newsletters, etc.) for the use of which EAÜ asks for website user's personal data. Personal data provided to EAÜ during the use of these applications will be used by EAÜ solely for the purpose of the operation associated with that application. For example, EAÜ has the right to use the personal information of its members (as stated in their membership application) to exercise the economic rights assigned under the membership contract, including to distribute and pay out the royalties received, as well as to provide General Meeting notices and other important information related to the exercise of rights. EAÜ also has the right to publish the first names, surnames and aliases of its members on its website.

A person has the right to demand the deletion, correction or restriction of processing of his or her data in the cases provided by law. A person can exercise his/her corresponding rights by submitting the relevant application in written format or a format which can be reproduced in writing to EAÜ.

Protection of personal data

EAÜ implements reasonable organizational and technical solutions to protect personal data collected from unauthorized use.


The EAÜ website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to the user's device when visiting a website. The purpose of using cookies is to distinguish the user from other persons visiting the website and to increase the ease of use of the website through the information received.

User of the website has the ability to configure, refuse and delete cookies on his/her web browser. You can find more information about cookies on the website http://www.allaboutcookies.org/


For any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us at eau@eau.org